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Embrace the journey of learning from our plant kingdom, balancing our chakras, honoring mother earth and much more.  These classes are great for beginners, or for those of you who want to go deeper into their spiritual practice.  Each class invites you into the classroom or the classroom of mother nature where being in her presence can invigorate the soul.  Welcome to the world of inspiration and transformation.  Let your spirit shine from the inside out. 

Salts and Herbs
Pharmaceutical Grade Salts have amazing healing qualities and all salts are different. Herbs in their purest form in either bath teas, herbal formulas or herbal pillows. Nourish and allow the plants and the salts work their magic.
Flower Essences
A beautiful way to heal from the inside out addressing the core root of whatever you are working on. These beautiful plants address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. Take the journey and feel their love.
Full Moon Ritual
Depending on the month, follow the ritual of a Full Moon and feel the energy it has. Allow yourself to release and manifest all the dreams for the next month. Truly enriching and a loving experience.
Energy Healing Therapies
Come experience what it all means. Take part in each of the demonstrations that include showing Reiki, Ayurvedic Energy Healing, Healing Touch, Biomat and Grounding Mats that are used during each session. Each have their own unique properties and the healing of them all are very nurturing.
Morning/Evening Hikes
Do You See What is Around You
Embark on a journey that will awaken your senses and have you look deeper at your day to day activities. This workshop entails: Mantra Meditation, Medicinal Aromatherapy, and Introduction to Nature Spirits and Plants. Please bring a yoga mat and journal. The workshop is great for all enthusiasts. Vegetarian lunch provided. 6 hour class.
The Ritual of Self Blessings
The Ritual of Self Blessings and Clearing Energy will awaken your senses. Learn breath work to help release and connect to a new level. Allow your channels to open and clear allowing yourself for expansion. This ritual is extremely nourishing and will awaken your senses
Plants for Everyday Stress
Both stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our bodies and finding natural ways to keep these issues in check is vital to good and positive health. You will learn the difference between stress and anxiety and how to manage each of them using essential oils, and herbs. Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Grade Essential Oils used along with organic herbs. Experiment and taste these super plant systems as they help in your everyday life. Class includes a brief meditation. 2 hour class
Plants as Humble Healers - Digestion
Have you ever wanted to empower yourself to find natural ways to help with your digestion tract? There are many simple herbs and spices that have highly therapeutic powers that are widely available and can be grown easily. Knowing how to use these medicinal plants will empower you to increase overall well being and treat countless common ailments. 2 hour class.
Mantra Meditation
Go deeper with meditation by incorporating mantras in your daily practice. Mantra is a Sanskrit word for sound tool and sound evokes movement of energy. Dive into knowing your own vibration and how it can help you in your daily life. A perfect start to practicing meditation or wanting to get more in tuned to your inner listening. Please bring Yoga mat if you have one. 75 minute Class. $15/person
Introduction to Shamanism
Dating back to over 100,000 years, and it is considered an old spiritual practice and has been practiced by all peoples around the world. The idea of living in harmony and balance with nature. A Shaman sees through their heart, not through their eyes. In this introductory class, we will discuss the four directions, how to open your senses, creating sacred space, breathing techniques and give you an overview of sound introductions such as rattles, drums and chanting. 2 hour class.
Honor Panchamama
Honor Mother Earth (Pachamama) for a morning of gratitude to all our relations, radiating love to Mother Earth. Bring your prayers and we will share together. Come hear the vibration, allow yourself to be lost in singing, and to see the true beauty in and around you. Please bring gifts of either cornmeal, chocolate, dried flowers to the event. 1.5 hour class. Bring Yoga mat.
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