AUGUST 22-23


Join me for a full day and night excursion in Eureka Montana, at Relics Retreat exploring, conducting ceremony, cleansing toxins and beliefs along with engaging in nourishing meals.  Engage with nature learning from its wisdom.  This 1.5 day retreat is geared to going deeper in your practice and clearing out things that no longer serve you.  By cleansing, meditation, ceremony, using nature, you will come out of the experience with tools to help you on your journey of being your best you.  Reflect on what no longer serves you and can be cleared away.

Details: Saturday August 22, 2020

9 AM Check in

Release, Cleanse and enjoy a morning of sweat utilizing the Finnish Sauna baths. 


Connect and Restore with meals that will nourish your soul.

Partake in exploring the land working with seeds, water, fire and light.  Connect to the land and allow the rich resources of her wisdom to teach and guide your inner light.  

Camp - upscale version, yet tenting under a covered area.  (limited space)  No tent, no problem, we have rooms with cots that can be used.  Porta potties available and showers available in the morning.

Depart Sunday morning 11:30 AM.  If you wish to stay longer to bike or take in more of the trails, arrangements can be made.

Cost:  $129|pp US$

Includes:  Lunch, dinner and breakfast, porta potties, showers in the morning, Finnish Valo, Rusuu and Maa saunas both inside and outside, medicine pouches, paperwork with rituals and ceremony, group energy work.  Average hiking 2-3 miles.

Please bring: Own camping supplies - tent, sleeping bag, clothes, bathing suit, extra set of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, water bottle, journal, hat, sunscreen, towels, and anything else you might want while spending time in nature.  

Ignite your magic. 


This workshop is an alcohol free zone as designated by Relics Retreat.



Join Leyla Dim and Kimberly Fisher where the New meets the Old ways of healing.  Time to work with high creativity with Capricorn and Jupiter.  Outside we will convene for the day where the air is filled with fragrance invoking ways of healing the inner and outsides of us.  

We will convene in ceremony all day.  Experience meditation, crystal activation, activation of altar space, group energy work, stone journeys, transmutation meditations and directional medicine will be part of the day.  Dress appropriate for outdoor activities.

Dance, drum, rattle, sing, journey, laugh and explore!  Space Limited to 12 people.  $89 / pp US$



  • Lunch - Vegetarian with an Ayurvedic influence - fresh and hand-crafted

  • Medicine pouch filled with goodies

  • Ceremonial, class, interactive activities

  • Booklet with all class material

  • Group energy Work

  • Aromatherapy and Flower Alchemy

  • Fire ceremony if weather permits

  • 10% discount on 1 on 1 energy work after retreat on yourself or your animal

  • Email support after the retreat


Earthly Insights reserves the right to cancel this retreat according to risk management practices for the safety of all due to weather. If cancelled,

Cancellation Policy:

~ 10 days $50% refund

~ 5 days no refund

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