• Helps assist with grief, change of        circumstances

  • Speeds healing after sickness, injury or surgery

  • Enhances mental clarity

  • Session is done from a Distance -Remotely, by a video call in the comforts of your home - touch into your energy

  • Promotes relaxation and can reduce stress 

Kim is amazing!  She's tapped into several layers and really opened my heart and soul to health and well-being.  Do the flower card reading too as it is powerful and enlightening.   - Amy G, Irving, TX


Energy Healing


Energy Work is used to balance the systems of energy throughout the body to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease.  Through various techniques, we are able to help restore and realign one's body to the subtle vibrations. Each session is personalized with individual needs in mind, coming from a heart-centered space.  


Relax in a quiet spot in the comforts of your home.  Dial in remotely.  Allow for us to connect our energies together.  Enjoy the opportunity to share in your desires for the session.  Work with your breath to ease into your body and allow it to relax and receive.  Sit back, or lay down and let the energy flow through you and around you. 


Listen to the music played along to relax and feel.  At the end of the session, we will review what was experienced.  Receive messages from your animal allies and add on a flower card reading at the end, to learn more from the plant kingdom. 


Let the energy move and restore you!

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