Welcome to the world of inspiration and transformation!  Embrace the journey of learning from our plant kingdom, balancing your Chakras, honoring Mother Earth and much more!  Classes are great for beginners, as well as those who want to go deeper in their spiritual and physical practice.  Each class invites you into the classroom of Mother Nature, where being in her presence can invigorate your Soul. 


  • Reiki I, II, and Master Training

  • Flower Alchemy

  • Full Moon Ceremonies

  • Water and Tree Mediation

  • Seasonal Solstices 

  • Do You See What Is In And Around You?

  • Connecting to The Land Series

  • Saturday August 1, 2020 Activate to Cultivate Energetic You 

  • Saturday/Sunday August 22-23 - Connect to Land Retreat at Relics Retreat Center Camping/Land Excursion


Join me along with a host of educators who will guide you through mountain terrain and sacred sites that are designed to revitalize the soul and connect one with the land.  Witness the beauty in you and around you.  Retreats will allow you to explore, indulge in the beauty, and tantalize your senses.  Challenge your skills in hiking, camping and connecting, or simply rejuvenate your being.

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