Pony in Field

Energy Tune-ups & Healing for Animals

Are you looking for better understanding of why your pet is acting the way they are?


Are you preparing for a change? Are they preparing for a change?


Are you in search of additional healing after surgery for your animal?


Do you want to make the last of the golden years exceptional for your aging pet?

Pets like people, need energy tune-ups to live their best lives. Our pet companions share in many of the same ailments, injuries and emotional trauma as we as people do. Allow them the benefits to be balanced, to be heard and have relief from pain, anxiety, trauma and fear. Unite body, mind, emotions and spirit together.

Animals love Energy Healing and often times can tend to gravitate to it. Some pets may prefer hands on, others from a distance. No matter which way they prefer, let the energy flow where it is needed and allow them to receive the healing benefits. 



Animal Energy Work allows the animal to take the lead and laying on hands is not necessary. Animals are incredibly receptive from a distance, so the Energy Work can be sent from afar. It can bring about balance and harmony to your animal's well-being for mind, body, emotions, behavior or spirit.  Indulge in a session that can include: EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, Reiki, Acupressure, Intuitive Readings, Aromatherapy, Amethyst Biomat, and Ayurvedic Energy Healing.

Sessions Selections:

  • Initial Meeting ~ 60 | 90 minutes

  • A picture of your companion

  • 45, 60  Minutes Sessions available

  • Buddy System Package ~ 30 minutes Pet, 30 minutes People


Bundle and Save:

Purchase 4 sessions and receive a $5 discount on each following sessions


Session includes traveling to  your home to preform the work.



Animals are incredibly sensitive to energy and can be worked on from afar. Allow the energy to flow and receive intuitive readings learning what your sweet companion has to say. Healings can be performed in person and or over the phone. Each animal receives the benefits as needed as the energy knows where to flow. 


Animals need support, love and the ability to communicate before it is time to cross over the rainbow bridge. Sometimes, they just need to be heard, and more time on this earth can be given. Feeling confused on what your pet is experiencing while they are getting older? Want to know if you are making the right decisions for them as they get older? Let's together, learn from the animals what they might need. 

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  • Helps assist with grief and change of circumstances.

  • Speeds healing after sickness, injury or surgery.

  • Enhances pet's overall wellness.

  • Assists in abuse, rough handling and mental cruelty.

  • Promotes relaxation and can reduce stress to solve behavioral problems.


"Kimberly came to us in November to work on our 11 year old yellow lab who we thought was at the end of his life. She gave us insightful information about the medications he was on, and how to help during this time. Chappy is now 12 years old, and gets a tune-up by Kimberly when needed. We are so grateful for her and helping us share more fun times with him."    ~ Nikki