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Pink Petals


The flower of the plant conveys its healthy qualities into water, aided by the magnetic energy of the sun. Water has a memory!

Flower Essence Therapy has an imprint of the flower's properties that is held in the water that is contained in it, and is transferred to us. Using a Flower Essence, can instantly be drawn to any place where a vibrational imbalance exists. 

Every flower has a specific healing, strengthening, and balancing electrical pattern, unique to that species of the flower. Each essence is a tool that can lead to greater health and well-being. It involves all aspects of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual concerns. Each essence can help us to remember our true eternal identity and allow us to lead our best life. 

Combining Flower Essences with other therapies can be used in conjunction with both complimentary and orthodox medicine because they are safe, loving and free from any side effects.

White Flowers


Flower elixirs remove the everyday static of life, electronics, lack of  time in nature, stress, wi-fi signals, and draining influences that we can't see. 


Flower essences are a mixture of pure good vibes, that travel through your body and go to where it is needed. 

Learn more from the flowers by moving your way through trying the formulas from Lotus Wei, and Green Hope Farms.


Each exploration comes with understanding your needs and matching the correct formula to you.


Each selection is customized with you in mind.



A loving connection with the flowers and comes from Lotus Wei and Green Hope Farms.


The Animal Wellness Collection from Green Hope Farms are a line of essences with the animals in mind. They are the most gentle and loving way to heal from the inside out working on the meridian points of the body.

*Note: I am not a licensed veterinarian and can not clinically diagnose medication for any animal. Please consult with your veterinarian regarding health related information communicated with you. 

Yellow Flowers


" The flowers are the most magical and loving way to heal. Each one has helped me with issues I was trying to unravel and have clarity to. It is subtle, gentle, and refreshing. "

                                                ~ Kelly G


How do you know what is the right flower for you to help heal? Indulge in a session where we will work through your concerns and chose the right one for you. Engage in an Energy Healing Session and let the the flowers speak to you!

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