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A custom blend that is used for external use only.  Sprinkle outside your home, place of business or any area that you wish to keep protected.  A little bit goes a long way.  When sprinkling the powder, set your intentions and say a prayer at the end.  Bag contains a special mix of 2 oz of organic herbs, flowers and trees. 

Protection Powder

  • Each blend is hand-crafted and inspired by receiving messages of combining herbs, flowers and trees to create a special blend.  Set your intentions before you sprinkle the powder.  Stand in the middle and allow the energy to surround you.

  • The information and items offered and sold here are for personal entertainment, educational, recreational and/or spiritual use.  Items sold can not be guaranteed any particular or specific outcome for legal/financial/health/love or any other advice.  Your personal intention always draw in your outcome.