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 100% Pure and Natural.  Wild Crafted, Organic Herbs and Flowers.  Reiki Infused.


Peace, Love and Harmony Organic Bath Tea.  I was inspired to make this blend for a tribute to a friend.  In the world, we need all of this and why not sit in a warm bath and feel the nourishment of what it can feel like in perfect harmony.


Bay Leaf (Laurel Leaf):

  • One of the queens of the lymphatic system
  • Huge aid for working with fear, anxiety, desiring courage and stamina



  • Doorway to passages, heart viewer
  • Increases passion
  • Rejuvenator


Cedar Tips:

  • Self awareness, in touch with the self
  • Part of the "Tree of Life"


Rose Petals:

  • Helps the heart
  • High frequency which can help radiate love energy


Enjoy the relaxation and sensation from the mixture 

  • 2 oz Tea Bags are good for 3 baths
  • Allow Tea Bag to dry inbetween baths before using again


Single - Peace, Love & Harmony Organic Bath Tea

  • Application

    • Prepare in warm bath water
    • Place under running water or place whole bag in bath water
    • Let it sit and soak for 5 minutes
    • Remove from water