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Healing for all ages from infants to aging adults through ancient healing methods. Reiki, Ayurvedic Energy Healing & Healing Touch
Feel the energy work through me unto you and allow yourself to flow.
Pets too can benefit from energy work as well as humans. Feel the warmth and understand what the animal needs through Reiki for animals. I work with small and large animals. Animal Reiki Practitioner Certified 2018.
Specializing in multiple ancient wisdom healing modalities since 2012. Ayurvedic Energy Healing, Reiki Master, Teacher and Healing Touch
Offering Events, Group Educational Classes, Individual Classes and Consultations.
Inspired to give back to the West when moving to Wyoming, created was a body care line that all can use. $2 of each item sold will be donated to Yellowstone National Park, which I believe to be one of the most splendid wonders of the world.
Nature has lots to offer us and when we take time to see and hear its beauty, we awaken to new heights of love, compassion and understanding.
Mantras are an excellent way to create a vibration in your body and allow your mind to quiet in a gentle way, and giving you the ability to go within.
Classes, events and sessions include smudging as a way to cleanse before beginning something new.
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Earthly Insights is a small woman-owned business started by Kimberly Fisher in 2015.  It is my desire today to help give one the tools to support their own mind, body, and spirit. 

Offering services of Energy Healing Therapies, one can start optimizing their energy field, which creates an ideal environment for the body’s innate tendency to move toward self-healing.  

Each product used and sold in my practice can help one in their journey.  A little bit moves mountains and with intention, there is unlimited possibilities.

Giving back to helping the environment, some of the products sold,  money gets donated to UC DAVIS for bee research and Yellowstone National Park.

I have been seeing Kimberly for about a year.  When we initially met, I instantly felt a connection.  Using a combination of plant essences and energy work, Kimberly has helped me to stay balanced so that I can focus on achieving my goals.  I have achieved every single goal. It really works!
~Ann S - Milwaukee, WI
I met Kimberly at a Wellness Expo and felt the connection with her immediately.  I booked a session and just absolutely loved Kimberly's whole approach to energy work which started with a smudging and grounding exercise as well as using essential oils that she picked especially for me. All of that pre-work really enhanced my session and set me up for receiving all of the good energy she guided through my body.  I would highly recommend Kimberly and am looking forward to our next session. 
~Kerri Balliet - Milwaukee, WI


I found working with Kimberly - Earthly Insights was an amazing experience as she is very much in tune with her own awareness that she makes it easy to trust with such ease.  Regardless of what you have going on in your life, you can expect a significant upgrade in your life from a session with her.  She is continually doing her own work which gives me confidence about her authenticity and pure spirit.  She is incredible!

      ~Freddy M - Milwaukee, WI

Kim's healing sessions have brought me "back to center" numerous times when I wasn't sure how I would get there.  Her loving and often uncanny insights never cease to amaze me!  Don't ask how Energy Healing "works", jut try it.  Kim is the real deal!

             ~Lisa B - Milwaukee WI