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Earthly Insights is a small woman-owned business started by Kimberly Fisher in 2015.  Having had health problems in 2008, it was my goal to heal myself holistically and it is my desire today to help give one the tools to support their mind, body, and spirit. 

Through the use of Energy Healing Therapies, essential oils, green medicine and other holistic modalities, one can start optimizing their energy field, which creates an ideal environment for the body’s innate tendency to move toward self-healing.  When your energy system is flowing and your Chakras are in balance, your body has the capacity to move more freely allowing your mind, body and spirit to open.  Offering a variety of these natural healing methods of Reiki, Ayurvedic Energy Healing, Healing Touch, and Shamanic work, any of these can assist and compliment any traditional therapies.



In the fall of 2017, I was one of the founding members of the Milwaukee Ayurveda Collective in Wisconsin.  Here we created a space where people could experience the oldest surviving health care system still practiced today.  We were a group of professionals providing Ayurvedic Energy Work, Ayurvedic Body Treatments, Consultations, Yoga, Ayurveda Consultations on pregnancy and postpartum, and Ayurveda for cancer.  I created a special "Burn Ease Oil" to help one while going through treatments to ease the pain and nourish the skin.  All Natural, incredibly healing.

Passionate about the environment and the footprint we leave behind, Earthly Insights has created a line of organic products that are hand-made and can be crafted to nurture one’s needs.  Through the use of lotions, salts, bath teas, or Aromatherapy (using Wisdom of the Earth or Floracopeia Essential Oils), these products are sure to compliment and help support.  All products are Reiki infused, Organic, come from the purest form of being organically grown herbs and oils along with being crafted from a heart centered space.  Custom blending available for all Doshas. Let your Spirit shine from the Inside out and Become Your Best You!

Since 2012 - Medicinal Aromatherapist through Wisdom of the Earth - Cornville, AZ
Since 2013 - Ayuervedic Energy Healing Practitioner (AEHP) Kankakumari, Milwaukee, WI
Since 2015 - Shamanic training and work - Sedona Arizona with Joseph White Wolf, Three Trees, Medicine Wheel in Big Horns Wyoming, on line training with Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo, and Educator of Munay Ki Rites
Since 2015 - Reiki Master through Usui Shiki Ryoho Natural Method of Healing - Milwaukee, WI
February 2018 - Energy Healing Protocols Additional Training - Cancer - Milwaukee, WI