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So happy to have you here. I am a Masterful Teacher in Ancient Art Healing Techniques that have been used throughout time. As a Teacher, Intuitive, Empath, my skills include: Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Grand Master, Certified Ayurvedic Energy Healer (Kanyukumari School), Medicinal Aromatherapist (Wisdom of the Earth), Amazon Best Selling Author (The Ultimate Self Healing Guide Volume 4), Animal Communication 2, All Life University, Joan Ranquet and have studied, traveled with many teachers and healers, in my 20 years of self development and teaching to others.

It is my hope to share these teachings to others and offer support to propel you and/or your animal forward. I use the wisdom from the animal spirit world during a session, who come in as teachers to assist with people and animal's obstacles. Let's create together, an ideal environment for each of our bodies innate ability to heal. 


Let Your Spirit Shine From The Inside Out

My love for helping animals became a passion and a practice in 2015. It was through my adopted dog Bonzy, who at the age of six months, had to overcome multiple health issues along with physical and mental abuse. Together, we found the tools holistically to heal both her and myself in the process. 

We all share energies with everything around us. Everything has vibration. Everything is alive, Everything communicates. Energy Healing unites body, mind, emotions and spirit together. Through her inspiration, I went on to become a Reiki Master for animals, acquired the skills of EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave and Acupressure and Level 2 Animal Communication through Joan Ranquet All Life University. 

Ayurveda Changed
My Life

Having experienced some life altering events in my life, it had me take notice and make some changes to to align with my true purpose. I underwent two liver surgeries to remove cancerous tumors and had to rebuild from the ground zero literally, with my identity being stolen. Using alternative practices, such as the Ancient Arts of Ayurveda, Reiki and Shamanism healing modalities, it helped me to heal myself and to heal my yellow lab. 

It is these alternative modalities that is shared in a session and using a multi-system approach, allows for a favorable outcome.  My passion is helping both people and pets release from outcome and work through the highest intention of healing. 


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