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Rock Maze


This is your time for exploration and soar to new heights! I greatly appreciate your visit here, and hoping you can join in some of these amazing experiences! Check Earthly Insights Facebook Page for additional events.



Propel into 2024 with our 4th annual workshop

Saturday, December 30


9:30 PM - 3:30 PM 

Join us for our 4th annual workshop to build into the new year. The day is filled with activities to help clear out what is unfinished in 2023 and make space for what goodness can fill you with in 2024.   

This years theme is direction, boundaries and expansion.

The day includes:

- Reiki Infused Alchemy Box

- Tools to help with the new year including tangible items to take with you

- We have a guest ambassador this year, Emily Herbst, who will work with us creating energetic boundaries with a grid for our our homes

- Meditation, Clearing and Expansion

- Lunch 

- Crafting and much more

If you are looking for support throughout the year and inspiration, this is the perfect workshop to be part of.



Reiki Shares

Third Wednesday of the Month

Wednesday, December 20

 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Join me at Earthly Insights Healing Center in Whitefish for a place to gather in a safe healing space.


If you are Reiki 1 or have Healing Experience, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from others, have guidance from me, and enhance your skills of feeling into energy and working through the layers of the body, and the aura to have a state of balance and harmony.

Gain the experience of working on others and feel the different vibrations.

Cost is $20/PP and a portion of it will be donated to the Spay and Neuter Task Force. 



January 2024

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Join myself and Certified Grief Counselor Barbara Schiffman where we will be offering a monthly support group. We provide a safe place to share your story, mourn your loss and feel supported on next steps.

We offer a compassionate blend of Grief Recovery processes, energy healing and spiritual support that can help you process the profound impact of this special loss. 

Want to learn more about the group, come visit with us as we share how the group can support you or someone you know who might want to feel supported. 

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