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Pony in Field


Are you looking for better understanding of why your pet is acting the way they are? Would you like to understand from their point of view?


Are you preparing for a change? Are they preparing for a change?


Are you in search of additional healing after surgery for your animal?


Do you want to help them age gracefully with support?

Do you want to deepen your understanding of and emotional connection with your animal companion?

Pets like people, need energy tune-ups to live their best lives. Our pet companions share in many of the same ailments, injuries and emotional trauma as we as people do. Allow them the benefits to be balanced, to be heard, and have relief from pain, anxiety, trauma and fear. Unite body, mind, emotions and spirit together.

Animals LOVE Energy Healing and can tend to gravitate to it. Some pets may prefer hands on, others from a distance. No matter which way they prefer, let the energy flow where it is needed and allow them to receive the healing benefits. 

Cocker Spaniels


Animal Energy Work can rebalance life force and create harmony to your animal's well-being. Animal Communication is the "true" language from the animal from the unspoken voice. They talk to us on information super highways, and I can help translate what they are trying to share. 

All these Energy Healing techniques are complimentary Health Therapy and a session could include: EFT Tapping, Scalar Wave Healing, Reiki, Acupressure, Intuitive Readings, Aromatherapy, Amethyst Biomat, and Ayurvedic Energy Healing. 

Sessions Selections:

  • Initial Meeting ~ 60 | 90 minutes

  • A picture of your companion

  • 45, 60  Minutes Sessions available

  • Buddy System Package - 60 minute Pet and People Healing


Multi-Session Packages Available

Discounts to affiliate programs:

* Four Leaf Rover

* Scarf and Tails 


Session includes traveling to your home to preform the work if you live in the Flathead Valley.  Remote healing available across the United States.

Girl with Horse


Animals are incredibly sensitive to energy and can be worked on from afar. Remote Energy Healings can be performed over the phone or by zoom call. Each animal receives the benefits as needed as the energy knows where to flow. 


Animals need support, love and the ability to communicate before it is time to cross over the rainbow bridge. Human Companions may have lots of questions and feel stress as the time nears for their animal. Sometimes, the animal just need to be heard, and more time on this earth can be given.


I can offer support for you and your animal during their aging years, as well as when it is time to say goodbye.


Explore the option of having me help release their soul into their next "birth" and share in the experience based on shamanic and Native American practices.  

Curious Cat


  • Connecting with your animal to understand behaviors from their point of view as it relates to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

  • We can understand together their dreams and desires and hear their views about what works for them and what needs to change.

  • Energy Work can assist in abuse, rough handling and mental cruelty.

  • Promotes relaxation and can reduce stress to solve behavioral problems.

  • Receive helpful suggestions with regards to nutritional foods and supplements from a holistic point of view.

  • It does not replace Veterinary Care, but can be complimentary and serve as a multi-modality approach.

"Kimberly has played a pivotal in my dog's healing process. With her help, he has been able to release so much past trauma and communicate to us other pains he had (teeth and hips). He loves his sessions with her very and appreciate everything she had done for him."  ~ Cristi

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