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Does your space need a facelift?

Do you feel like your space is being invaded with energy that doesn't fit with your energy?

Moving into a new home and want to clear the energy of the old resident?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then allow me the opportunity to help clear and make your space, your special area. 

Clearing a space allows for more comfort, more integration of what you truly want. Having cleared multiple spaces, properties and businesses, lets getting you on your way of what you want. 



  • Price determined by size of space or property and time

  • Includes assessment, clearing, and suggestions on what might else be needed

  • All spaces are blessed and honors those who have been there before

  • Cleansing kit 

  • Feng Shui layouts offered 



Looking for a refresh of your space? I have put together the ultimate cleansing kit of goodies to help clear your space. Kit includes blessings rituals, protection stones, sage bundles, abalone shell, salts and much more. If you want to a one stop kit, this can be exactly what you might need. 

energetic boundaries.jpg


Do you ever feel like you have someone looking over your shoulder? Do you ever feel like the energy of someone is too close for comfort? Are you an Energy Worker and want more assistance on creating a greater barrier of your energy around you? This workshop invites you to look at what is your energy, and what is theirs. Learn ways to keep yourself in your bubble and create the lines that you don't want others to cross. 

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