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The Ancient Art of Healing dates back to thousands of years ago. For the last 10 years, I have been sharing this wisdom taught by the ancients, and teaching others to empower themselves on their healing journey.  Working together, we will customize a session that is ideal for you.


Are you looking for better health on a cellular level?


Are you looking to get some relief from stress?  How about reduce inflammation?


Would you like help in promoting natural self-healing?

Are you looking to minimize the side effects of chemo and radiation therapies?


Using the wisdom of the ancients, receive a session of Natural Healing that can include healing from an Ayurvedic perspective, Reiki, guidance from your Spirit Animal, Akashic Records Reading Medicinal Aromatherapy and Intuitive Insights. 

Buddha Statue


Ayurvedic Energy Healing is one of the oldest ancient healing systems dating over 5,000 years ago and is often called "The Mother of Healing. Through Ayurvedic Energy Work, we go deep into the energy fields, at a cellular level, to help restore balance and clarity. Using Marma Point Therapy, we can help promote the proper flow of energy around the body as well as in the body.

Reiki can help stimulate natural ability to heal and is incredibly loving. It is used to balance systems of the body. It helps restore well-being on a physical, emotional and energetic level. 

Reach the Top


Meet the Ju Ju Bean Team, who will work with us on the soul level. 


Do you need a reboot?

Do you feel like your systems are off? Are you wondering how to work at the soul level?

Let's work together to clear the stagnant energy in outer matrix fields, helping repair old systems and tuning you or your animal up, to be functioning at your very best.  AND Then, let's go deeper in the healing, pealing away layers, to clear maximum energy at the soul level.

Want healing in the comforts of your home?  Happy to travel to you for a nominal fee.



Connect with your inner wisdom.


Allow yourself to feel, and be in the present moment. Release, Relax and Flow. 


Learn to empower yourself to continue on your ultimate spiritual path.


Enjoy being pampered on a warm Amethyst Biomat, get intuitive insights, receive essential oil therapy and learn from the ancients who want to share in the healing.

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