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Let Your Spirit Shine from the Inside Out! My mantra and love for what I do. 


I am a Master Teacher in Reiki and Ayurvedic Energy Healing for people and pets using ancient holistic, nature based strategies.


If you are looking for options to help understand or see more clearly through the obstacles that stand in front of you, I have been there. I offer support and tools to propel you and your animal forward. I use the wisdom from the animal spirit world during a session, who come in as teachers to assist with people and animals obstacles; helping create an ideal environment for each of our bodies innate ability to heal. The spirit animals help us connect to our true nature both inside and outside.


I have been a "nature" girl since a young age, spending time in the woods and loved observing the animals. I would sit for hours, watching, and having conversations with the animals as they cross my path.


My love for helping animals became a passion and a practice for helping people and their animals towards wellness and personal development since 2015. It was through my adopted dog Bonzy, who at the age of six months, gave me many obstacles to help her overcome, and together, we found the tools to heal both her and myself in the process.

She was my "shaman dog" teaching me the ways of the animal kingdom and teaching me about things about myself that I was unwilling to see. 



I have experienced some life altering events in my life. Recovering from cancerous tumors on my liver twice, and rebuilding from ground zero with some personal challenges that stripped me of my identity, literally. I used Ayurveda ideas and medicine along with Energy Healing to heal myself and to heal my dog.


It is my hope to share some of the tools that have made me healthy, and to empower people and their pets, as they have it within them to heal.


To help both people and animals release from outcome and work through the highest intention of healing. I help be the voice from the pet's perspective, sharing stories, finding past traumas that may have impact on their current life. Knowing, understanding and working together as a unit, together the healing can take place.

Hindu Statue

After 25 years in corporate wine sales, I was being nudged (more so the universe threw my way more pointed ways to get my attention), to explore deeper into the fiber of my being. To share my gifts of healing with others and their animals.


I have studied with many teachers, traveled, and continue to do the work. As I get better, I am better for it to share with others. I am a modern-day healer who blends the healing arts of Ayurveda, Reiki, Scalar Way Healing and Shamanic practices to restore energy and spirit to both pets and people. 


You and your animals share energies. Everything has a vibration. Intention and other energies are powerful together. Energy Healing unites body, mind, emotions and spirit together. Animals as our companions or in the wild, afford us the visions, and insights, into our own lives, and can act as a mirror into our soul.

Sometimes looking at our landscape inside of ourselves, we can help our animals with their obstacles they are wishing to overcome. The entire world of animal energy surrounds us every single moment and we are all connected through the breath.



My passion for animals kicked into high gear from the love of my rescue dog, Cote du Beaune, nicknamed Bonzy for short. Our journey together brought my innate skills and passion to light as an Energy Healer for both people and animals.

It was through her I began to see the similarities between her life and mine. She and I healed together and many of the ailments she came to me with from the start of our journey, led me to a path of self-discovery for her better health as well as for mine.


We learned together, got stronger, and it is my hope to share with you how to heal aspects of yourself, and aspects of your animals. It can be done together and even if you choose only one on its own, you both will warrant the rewards. 

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