My love for the outdoors, nature, and animals, evolved into a passion and a practice for helping people and their animals towards wellness and personal development. 


Having 10+ years of extensive background in different healing modalities, it is my hope to share these ancient ways of healing for expansion and global well-being.



I was inspired to work with animals after rescuing the love of my life "Bonzy" in 2007, a yellow "lab-adorable".  She was an instrumental teacher. Completely terrified of the outside world and people, we created a bond that was about trust, love and nurturing.  Our connection, along with her wisdom,  were instrumental in understanding the realm of animal healing through energy work, flower essences, and aromatherapy.  She helped teach me about the animal kingdom more deeply.  Bonzy had multiple physical and emotional problems to heal her through and together we learned. I am now sharing those techniques with others.  Having her come to me, was a great gift of learning and connecting on a much deeper level.  Through her, I began a deeper connection to the animal kingdom and gained more powerful insights on animal totems.  When working together, you too will gain the insights from our animal allies to assist you on your journey.


In 2008, the world of Ayurvedic Energy Medicine became crucial to my quest for healing. Through an Ayurvedic Energy Healer, I was inspired and learned a great deal on how to help the body heal naturally and now share this knowledge with others. After having multiple liver surgeries, I used the principles of  Ayurveda and Energy Work as an integral part of my regime to heal.  It helped me recover faster; helped me learn more about my body and connected me to my true nature, naturally.


My desire is to help people, animals, and the environment through Energy Healing, Ayurveda and using what I know to help connect and nurture. Both animals and people can benefit together.  Work in harmony and shine together.

In 2012 I became active in Ayurvedic Energy Healing, and use these skills in a session with both people and animals.  Since that time, I too have expanded my skills to include: Healing Touch, Reiki Master/Grand Master Teacher and Reiki Master Teacher for Animals.  It is my hope to help others heal on their journey, help animals live their best lives. To teach animals and people how beneficial it can be. Through retreats, classes, and sessions, it is my hope is to give one the tools and insight to propel them on their journey.

I look forward to seeing you on the path and sharing space with you and your animals.  Namaste! Kimberly

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